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Doctors Check Your REPUTATION!

As healthcare systems increasingly become brands, physicians are the literal face of those brands. Physicians play the central role at every phase of the patient journey: from how patients search for healthcare, to how they receive care, and why they choose to come back.

But star doctors can’t attract new patients if they can’t be found online or if they’re still shown as working for their previous employer (imagine if a star basketball player moved to a new city but continued to wear their old jersey). The only way to protect the ROI for a new physician, practice, or system acquisition is to make sure that physician information is listed accurately where patients can find it.  Luckily

When asked what online resources patients used when choosing a healthcare provider, the top three most popular responses were search engines (50.2% of respondents), hospital or physician’s office websites (41.2%), and healthcare directory and reviews sites (20.4%).

Luckily physicians can both manage and maintain their listings online.  The key is to find a reputable company that will set up a platform so that you and/or your staff can do the work yourselves.

Remember, this is your core advertising platform.  This is where potential new patients find you!  So don’t delay.

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